The Evident Truth

Your true nature

Mankind is in crisis: our species killed 100 million (!) of their own the past century. Divorce rates have never been higher. Our planet is put to the test. This is insane. Why is this happening? Because we let the mind live our lives. 'You don't have to control your mind, just don't let your mind control you!'

That's why it is so important to go back to your true nature, your essence. Unlearning is the highest form of learning. We need to peel off all the layers around us that society and the mind created.  We are, right here, right now. Now is all we ever have. So let us be fully aware and silence the mind. OUR TRUE NATURE IS PURE AWARENESS. If every individual does his homework to drop the illusion created by the ego, we will all flourish. Freedom and inner peace is our reward: for our families, for our children, for our loved ones and for ourselves. 

Go inside

We have to go within. All we need to know is there waiting for us to unfold again. As you search for the hero within you indefinitely become one.  It's up to each and every individual to go inside. Note that there is nobody else who can do that FOR you.